Report of facts about the definitive departure of Professor Alberto David Moreno Ibarra

My name is Alberto Moreno Ibarra. I have been part of the ENAH (National School of Anthropology and History) for 13 years, first as an unregistered student in the bachelor’s program in ethnology in 2004, afterwards enrolling officially as part of the class of 2005-2008. In 2010, I received honors and recommendation for publication, continuing into the Masters Program in Social Anthropology, which I finished in 2013. Since then, I have been a professor in Social Anthropology and on a couple occasions have taught the elective course: “Anthropology and Anarchism”. A year ago, I began my labor as an adjunct in the Project of Formal Investigations (PIF) of social anthropology and this year planned to continue there.

On August 22, before beginning my workday, a committee arrived lead by the head of security Gustavo Márquez Márquez. They had two intentions: first, to get me to sign the letter No. 401.A(1).2017/526, indicating that “the director of my position (Mtra. Julieta Valle Esquivel] has ordered my total withdrawal from the National School of Anthropology and History”; secondly, to tell me that I had to leave the premises of the ENAH immediately. I could not be on the premises of the school any longer and I could not return again. I read the document, without signing it. I’ve delivered my complaint to Gustavo Márquez Márquez, blaming him for the threats and aggression against me. It was signed as received without a name or date.

Not once has it been clarified to me as to why I’ve been fired. The director of the ENAH argues that it is based on a document written by Márquez. I still do not know anything of this document, having asked for it by email and not receiving it.

The arbitrary use and abuse of authority are now a constant in the ENAH. My case is not unique, where without other reason than the classic “because I said so”, the management is able to impose their will onto the processes and procedures of the institution.

I demand a due process, and that my version of the facts be heard and valued. Not only by the corresponding agencies but also by the ENAH community and the general public. Furthermore, I demand that my complaint against Gustavo Márquez Márquez be received and processed without partisan judgment or revenge on part of Gustavo Márquez Márquez. The only response from the director is to cover it up and remove me from my position, exceeding all tolerable limits in the ENAH.

I ask, according to your possibilities, colleagues, collectives and members of the ENAH, that you spread information about the case. Inform me of similar cases so we can gather to strengthen our forces. The trail of injustices and abuses in the administration of Julieta Valle are too much, let’s put a stop to it!

Professor Alberto David Moreno Ibarra

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